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Copper PENCE (p) weigh 100 to the pound. Twelve copper pennies make one silver dime.

Bronze FARTHINGS (f) are quarter-pence coins, minted 200 to the pound. They are much more common in transactions outside the "boom" economy of Fredhawk.

Silver DIMES (s) weigh 200 to the pound. Twenty silver dimes make one gold crown.

Gold CROWNS (G) weigh 80 to the pound.

Therefore, 1G = 20s = 240p = 960f

See also Goods and Shipping

Fredhawk's Districts

Wages and Rents

1G1s8p1pRoomed & Boarded house-servants, such as maids, grooms, apprentices.
2G3s4p2pDrivers, porters, sailors, laborers.
3G5s3pCraftsmen, guards, clerks.
4G6s8p4pMaster craftsmen, bureaucrats.
House Rents
FootprintYear's RentThird-story
24' square Smallhouse1G (20p/mo)+5p/mo
48' square Middlehouse2G (40p/mo) +10p/mo
72' square Largehouse3G (60p/mo) +15p/mo
Rooming Houses & Shared Spaces
12' square shared quarters (10p/mo)
12' square living quarters (1 room) (15p/mo)
16' square living quarters (2 rooms) (20p/mo)
24' square living quarters (3 rooms) (25p/mo)

"Weekly Basket"

-- a week's nutrition, purchased from the markets outside Fredhawk's city walls. Cost is per person, and assumes a hearth, fuel, pots, and water. Most houses have a communal hearth.

Week's Basket
5p PoorGruel, biscuit
10pMiddlingStew, roll
1s6p FairSunday bird, herbs, bread
3s GoodRoast, seasonings, sweetbread
6s GrandChops, spices, cakes
12s FinePrime rib, wine, pastries

Grocery & Provision Prices

SWINE are available in Soggy Bottom's Swineyard. Giant Fredhawk boars go for 12s for an 800-lb specimen.

BEEF cattle are available in Formby's Stockyard south of Westmill Canal. 20s for an 800-lb steer.

DAIRY cattle are available west of Formby. 20s for a 500-lb milking cow.

FLOUR, fine hard wheat flour from Palnu, is available in Westmill for 8p for a 60-lb sack.

The above are wholesale prices for the bulk shopper. When purchasing from the various merchant grocers & mongers around the city, use the following table:

Retail Grocery Shopping
Chicken, live, 7 lb2p
Chicken, plucked, 4lb4p
Eggs, 2 dozen1p
Flour, coarse 10 lbs1p
Flour, fine 10 lbs3p
Good Bread, 2 lb loaf1p
Milk, 1 gallon2p
Butter, 1 lb2p
Cheese, 10 lb wheel2s
Oats, 20 lbs1pfor working horses
Barley, 20 lbs3pused in brewing ale
Pork, lean, 10 lbs1s3p
Pork, fatty, 10 lbs10p
Beef, lean, 10 lbs2s
Beef, fatty, 10 lbs1s3p
Ale, Alewife, 1 gallon1pbring-your-own flagon
Eastfell wine, Wineshoppe, 1 gallon6pbring-your-own jar
Italican wine, Wineshoppe, 1 gallon2scommon vine, bring-your-own jar
Charcoal, 20 lb sack3p
Firewood, 40 lb bundle2p
Goods & Clothing Shopping
Shoes, cheap leather1s3p
Boots, heavy3s
Canvas, 20 yards1s6pundyed
Linen, 7 yards1s9pplain colors
Linen, 7 yards3s6phigh colors
Wool, 7 yards11pundyed
Silk, 7 yards26sundyed
Seamwork, per yard4p
Tack, Harness, Wagons, Mounts
Saddlebags, heavy3s
Riding tack5s
Riding saddle14s
Packhorse21strained 3-year old
Touring Rouncey252strained for long-distance travel
Harness8sfor carts and wagons, per animal
Hand Cart6s5 ft by 5 ft
Ox Cart12s5 ft by 10 ft
Wagon, medium26s10 ft by 10 ft
Wagon, long haul60s15 ft by 20 ft
Weapon- & Armorsmithy
Iron bar, 2 lb1s3pMiddling quality
Mild steel bar, 2 lb7s6pGood quality
Tool steel bar, 2 lb26sGrand quality
Mild steel sheet, 20 lb260sfor armor plates; Good quality
Knife, paring1s
Iron skullcap2s7p
Iron helmet6s
Arming sword15sFair quality
Mail undercoat40sheat-hardened iron
Mail shirt80s
Mail hauberk120slong, hooded
Greathelm135ssteel, enclosed helmet
Plate greaves, pair270salso braces, sabatons, gauntlets, etc
Plate cuirass405sfront and back plates plus skirt