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Francis Xavier Sennatus

Council Chamberlain

Braeton Krykov

Faerie-dust clone of Raesa's dad

Jasper Quill

Solicitor, Chief Clerk to Westmill

Jim Talbot "Whitecoat"

Dyers Guild

Cara Gilpin


Howard Plant

Court Wizard to Newcastle, classmate of Raesa at Collegia Infinitum


Captain Walter Hazelton

Liason, City Guards
Tookinyia Bender

Icky Bender
Walloon Tinker

Lans Hundritter & Dash
Halfmaine Arms Instructor

six Ducklings

Mark Swindle

Robber-Baron of Gilpin

Garrick "Zog" Hunt


Dean Marconi


"Big" Hank Frell

Trumpet Street

Roderick Bugge

Da Docks

Elmer Goyle

Goyle Instrument Consignment, Trumpet Street

Rik Astley

Trumpet Street

Duke of Newcastle

Nathan Sterling

Herald of Newcastle

Lord Julius

Duke of Palnu, Lord of the 12 Steppes

Golden Quarter & Swindle's office