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Merican the Smith ForgeRunesmith
Clangeddin the Warrior WarRunebreaker
Gullendin the Gambler LuckRunecaster
Gulthenar the Maiden HopeRunecaller
Berronar the Mother WisdomRuneseer


  1. Strength without wisdom is folly.
  2. Work purifies even the basest metal.
  3. Rock speaks to those quiet enough to hear.
  4. Too much hurts as too little.
  5. All glitter is not treasure; all treasure glitters not.
  6. The past is carried into the future.
  7. The first action determines the last.
  8. Hope is our greatest ally.


Initiate Runekeepers receive tatoos of the Dwarven runic alphabet during their training. Each Ancestor gives them in a different order. One must receive all 24 runes before they can be called Runekeepers. After a Runekeeper has learned their first 3rd-level blessings, they can inscribe RUNES, semi-permanent enchanments.

Time taken: 8 hours for each Rune. Two rolls after the time period: Godslore and Priestcraft.

Godslore Skill to Carve the rune. Difficulty 30 (Stone), 40 (Metal, Wood, Dirt), 50 (Gems). Runes in dirt only require one hour. Each Ancestor has a specialty, lowering Difficulty:

Extra Godslore Successes allow extra space for future Runes.

Priestcraft Skill to Empower the rune. Difficulty 30

Effect: 1 Wild Pip to a specific Skill, offense or defense to a specific Effect (damage type or Spell).

Duration: Dirt, 1 day. Wood/Metal, 1 month. Stone/Gems, 1 year. Rune fades away on Fumbles after use; ie, after turning a 1 to a 2.

Restoring an expended rune: Godslore not required to Restore, only Priestcraft; 10 easier if still fresh ("Renew").

Adding Runes of same type? +5 Godslore & Priestcraft Difficulty, +1 day.