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CHARM SORCERY - Practice of Magicks at the Collegia Infinitum

WIZARDS use their KNOWLEDGE Attribute to master the Quadra Practica, the Four Practices, which are technical Skills:

The Focus Skill (PRESENCE) is a psychospiritual Skill used to express Willpower. Wizards are required to Focus when maintaining spells, and must check Focus when their concentration would be disrupted. Focus is also known as Concentration.

The Wizard continually improves these practical skills throughout and their lifetime, but the most exciting work is done within one of the Octo Artis, the Eight Arts:

SymbolCantripsFirst Spelling
Divinata (Divination) - the Art of ObservationTRUTH, the sunCartomancyDetect Magic
Abjurata (Abjuration) - the Art of DefenseCLOSED, a barred doorSympathyAlarm
Conjurata (Conjuration) - the Art of Calling ForthLIGHT, an open doorPalm, VerminGrease
Transmutata (Transmutation) - the Art of Change
(self: Mutata; another: Variata)
BODY, a bull's head
CHANGE, a ram and bull
Color, TrimMage Hand
Evocare (Evocation) - the Art of ProjectionOPENED, a starburstCandle, Chill, ShoveArcane Arrow
Encantare (Enchantment) - the Art of ManipulationMIND, an open eyeSneezeBeguile
Ludare (Illusion) - the Art of DeceptionLIES, the moonFlicker, RingLight
Antitheare (Antithemancy) - the Art of EntropyDARK, a gravestonePesticideChill Touch

Each Art has a controlling Casting Skill (KNO):

Each Spell has its own complexity and rarity, colloquially known as the "Level" of the Spell. The base Difficulty to successfully cast a known spell is 10 + 5/Level of the Spell.

Q5Quixotic; "Elite" knowledge3560
O7Obfuscated by history4580
N8Numinous; Nearly Divine5090
M9Majorly Divine55100

FAILURE to meet a Spelling Difficulty causes the spell to be DELAYED: the Mage must continue to present and chant over the Talisman; add 5 to the total for each additional time period, until the total is >= Difficulty. Roll a Wild Die each round to check for Fumbles. The Power of the Spell is still the original roll. The Mage may cancel the casting rather than complete it.

FUMBLING a Spelling roll: the Mage may elect to "fix" the Fumble by taking 1 INSANITY (see below), rerolling the Wild Die for a result of not '1'. If the Fumble is not "fixed", the Talisman Charm is destroyed. (NPCs take Insanity on odd totals, lose the Talisman on even totals.)


Kit Bag: Wizards carry a bag of instruments, reagents, etc. used to analyze the world. A mage will carry “kit” measured in q, milliQuintessence, each valued at 200sp*, in the amount of at least 1q/Casting Die. Weight of the kit bag is 2 pounds, plus another pound per 1000q or fraction thereof. Creating a new Talisman requires 2^L * q be consumed from the Wizard's Kit Bag.

*Purchase price: the materials inside are only worth this to Wizards, possibly Gnomes/Alchemists. Represents specially gathered and prepared materials & tools: (Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake, Nightcap, Spider Silk, Sulfurous Ash), willow branches, dried toad parts, newts, wing of bat, exotic candles, incenses, chalks, powders, wire coils, tuning forks, crucible, flint, lodestone, pendulum, balance, acids, bases, salts, compounds, plant & animal parts, gemstones, etc etc etc.

Grimoire: the Spellingbook containing the Mage's spells, casting notes, and talisman notes. Travel Spellingbooks weigh 4 pounds each and contain 96 pages. Spells take 1 page/Level + 1 page for the Talisman. Most Mages start a new Grimoire for their 2nd-Level Spells.

Radix, "(establishing) Roots": Casting spells requires a Wizard to read the astrological & mystical signs each morning. For each day a Wizard does NOT do this, the Fumble threshold is increased by 1 (ie, autofumble on Day 5). This process takes 1 minute per Casting Dice, total (ie 5D Personas/4D Externas/4D Stellaras takes 13 minutes). This time is doubled if the Wizard does not have their Kit, and doubled again if the Wizard cannot observe the outdoors, ie, if below ground.

Memini, "Review": Spells must be periodically reviewed to refresh the Wizard’s knowledge & technique. A spell requires 10 min/Level to Review; this spell will be very clear in the caster’s mind for the rest of the day, lowering the base difficulty to cast by 5. If a spell is not reviewed for 30 days, the base difficulty to cast is increased by 5 each month, to a maximum difficulty of 10 + 10/Level.

Flourish, "light hands": the skill of seemingly instantaneous retrieval and storage of a Talisman Charm. By successfully making a Talisman Roll, a Wizard can "fast draw" their Spelling Charm and begin Spelling the same round; Difficulty is 5 per Spell Level. Failure to make this roll consumes the entire round searching for the Talisman.

Focus, "concentration": Wizards must check Focus when their concentration would be disrupted & are required to Focus when maintaining any spells. The Difficulty of a Focus check is (10 + (5 * All Maintained Spell Levels)) or the Action Roll (Dodge, Run, Attack, Stamina etc), whichever is highest. Focus checks do not require any time.

Concentration is a Focus check before additional Spelling. Normally, a Spell's difficulty is increased by 10 for each maintained Spell. If successful, the difficulty of the intended Spell is NOT increased for each maintained Spell. Failure does not affect the Maintained Spells (the new Casting simply keeps the normal +10 penalty per maintained Spell). However, if the Focus check is under the base Difficulty of the new Spell, it is considered a failed Focus check, and all Spells end.

Ritual Casting: by taking an additional 10 minutes, the Spelling Roll is given a +5 bonus. This may be extended to a total of one extra 10 minutes per Spell Level.

Degrees of Success: Effect, Distance, & Duration

Many Spells check for degree of Success: 0-4+ Difficulty is '1 Success'; each 5 greater than the target Difficulty counts as an additional Success.

RANGEper SuccessExample
TouchZeroDistance of CHILL TOUCH
Local2 ftDistance of BURNING HANDS
Near10 ftDiameter of FIREBALL damage
Short20 ftDiameter of FIREBALL flame
Long50 ftDistance of a FIREBALL burst
Far100 ftDistance of a LIGHTNING BOLT
Distant500 ftDistance of TELEPORT
Remote1 mileDistance of SCRYING
DURATIONper Success
Concentration as maintained
Beats1 second
Breaths5 seconds
Minutes1 minute
Hours1 hour
Day4 hours
Days24 hours
Weeks7 days
Months28 days
Seasons3 months
Years12 months
Decades10 years
Centuries100 years
Millenia1000 years

Learning New Spells

The base Difficulties for the Four Practices are 10 + 5/Level, the same as the Known Casting Difficulty.

Tutoring Modifiers:
+5: No tutelage available, notes only
0: Tutelage available (ie, typical Collegia Lectures)
-5: Intense one-on-one tutelage for the full learning period (ie, Collegia graduate advisor)
Documentation Modifiers:
+0: Fully documented instance of the spell; grimoire+notes available
+5: Poor documentation: full notes, no grimoire; or, damaged grimoire, no notes
+10: Bad documentation: just a casting scroll
+15: Misleading documentation: notes of an Insane Mage (qv)
Pace Modifiers:
Rush Day: By increasing difficulty +5, the total time will be reduced by 1 day. The maximum Rush reduction is once per die of KNO. The minimum total time is 1 day.
Plod Week: By reducing the difficulty -5, the total time will increase by 1 week. The maximum additional Deliberations are one per die of KNO. Ex: "Plod Week" adds a week of time per -5 difficulty; for a 4D KNO Mage, up to 4 additional weeks could be taken, for a total of -20 difficulty.

  1. Determine Difficulty, as above. Modify by Rushing or Plodding.
  2. Scope & Preparation: 1 hour. Determine days of work: Spell Level + KNO Dice. Rush (day) or Plod (week) up to (KNO) times.
  3. Research Notation: Scribere roll* each day, ie "Notations Day 1, 21", generates 3d6 pages of research.
  4. Three additional rolls* at the end of the last day.
    1. Research Theorie.
    2. Fizzix Practical
    3. Telesma Creation
  5. VIRGIN SPELLING, or First Casting, Difficulty: 10 + 10/Level. Ritual Casting is recommended!
  6. Failing this First Casting roll causes a CATASTROPHE: Effective Spell Level 0-2 Minor; 3-5 Major; 6-8 Terrible; 9+ Terrible twice



A Mage who fumbles any Magickal Skill Roll and elects to receive an Insanity Wound rerolls to override that fumble. Note which skill/spell was rolled for the fumble.



FULL INSANITY (Insanity Wounds >= PRE Attribute)